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Red Herrings in Google’s Web Crawl Report

Found this interesting today when going through a site’s Web Crawl error report in Google Webmaster Tools. I was looking at the 404s (not found) report and found a number of what looked to be partial URLs pointing at the site from hundreds of affiliate pages. Turns out that Google has tried to follow a URL it found in a … Continue reading

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Matt Cutts talks webspam

@onecaseman sent me this video of Google’s Matt Cutts talkin’ ’bout webspam. Check it out!

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In-Depth PageRank Article

A co-worker just sent me this link. I read through the article and it’s pretty interesting if you place a lot of value on Page Rank. “The Google PageRank Algorithm” It pretty interesting since he also includes a┬áPageRank Calculator. Check it out folks!

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