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Social Network Fear Spending

Ok. This really cheeses me off… “But Peter Yared, CEO of marketing firm iWidgets, said he thinks some of that spending is going to shift to where the viewers, and the traffic, increasingly are. ‘Soon the [search-engine marketing and search-engine optimization] spend will start to follow the eyeballs and transition from Google to social media,’ he said.” – This … Continue reading

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YouTube as the #2 Search Engine

There seems to be something in the water given to SES panelists that compels them to continue to stress the importance of YouTube being the #2 most popular search engine behind Google. I just saw another article this morning on Aaron Wall’s site. Here’s the quote from Jonathan Mendez, a speaker at SES New York: “…This is clear as … Continue reading

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Skittles Sitelinks Update

Skittles has finally fixed their IE sitelinks problem. Now their homepage is the Wikipedia page. Wins the award for most annoying navigation evar! Makes Hulk want to smash rainbow!!!

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Skittles Fails The Sitelink Rainbow

Do a search for “skittles” in Google using IE. None of the sitelinks work. They all redirect in Firefox and Chrome. Discuss amongst yourselves. UPDATE: I did a little digging and it looks like their 404 page isn’t firing in IE. I used Tamper Data in FF and right after you click on one of the sitelinks it successfully launches … Continue reading

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