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Working on a Test Site Running an API

So I’m currently running an experiment on a student job site called  Initially the site had only been a place where we had a few articles and then a search box that led off to another job board site.  We implemented a job board API, kept the articles, redesigned the site and relaunched. At first I saw some positive … Continue reading

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Let’s do a little link research

I’m going to put this link right here. This is part of some research I’m conducting.  Just a little personal research about indexation through social media channels, along side another experiment about nofollow links.

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Using rel=”prev” and “next” and Canonical Tags for Pagination

I’ve been thinking a lot about pagination and how to navigate the rel=”next/prev” and canonical tags. I wrote a fairly detailed article about how I think rel=next, rel=prev and canonical tags should be implemented over on the Ironworks blog. I wanted to re-iterate some of the basic points that article attempts to address here in my own blog. Do not … Continue reading

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Be The Search Engine

Often times the best way to diagnose an SEO-related problem with your site is view the site as a search engine would see it. Today I’m going give you a few tips that will help you do just that. Shall we? Step 1 – Download the Firefox browser, if you haven’t already I can’t begin to tell you all the … Continue reading

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HTML5′s Semantic Markup and SEO

I believe it to be common knowledge that search engines would want to place a lower emphasis on links or content located in a repeating nav bar or especially a footer.  Greater emphasis is, and probably should be, placed on the more unique content and links found in the “body” of the page. Currently with HTML4, mark-up coders are working … Continue reading

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New Discussion Group at

As some of you know, I am the SEO Manager at Among other things, I try to engage in conversations regarding SEO and the multifamily industry. To that end, I have created an SEO-specific forum on It’s open to everyone. Join the group and let’s talk SEO! See you there!

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Impact of Rich Snippets on Traffic

On January 22nd, Google announced the inclusion of event-related information in their Rich Snippets. The protocol will be based off the hCalendar microformat and will look like this: Now, let’s consider another post that covers Rich Snippets as well as something called “Answer Highlighting” which looks like this: “Consider the example, [empire state height]. The first search result used to … Continue reading

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Stuff I Liked This Week

Here are the articles I “starred” in my Google readers lists. January 20th One Giant Leap for Link Data: Announcing Open Site Explorer + Page/Domain Authority Metrics – Awesome tool. Making me consider becoming a Pro Member, honestly. January 19th Keyword Targeting: How to Employ Multiple Keywords for SEO & Conversions – SEOMoz breaks down keyword research January 18th Browse … Continue reading

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Matt Cutts On Links From Facebook and Twitter

Interesting video post from Google’s Matt Cutts. Watch first and then let’s discuss. Video source: How do you rate links from sites like Twitter and Facebook? Original Article: Points of interest: Links aren’t any different if they come from .gov or .edu. “It’s not like a link from an .edu autmatically carries more weight.” (1:58) Most links on Twitter … Continue reading

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Digging For Buried Traffic

Using a Site Analytics tool? Got a Rank Tracker or some free time to manually check some rankings? Here’s a way you can find and predict how much traffic you might be missing out on. Aside from the fact that I just ended that sentence with a preposition which drives me nuts, let walk through the process, shall we? Super. … Continue reading

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