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iPhone 6 and iOS 6 Push Notifications Not Working

Were you excited about the iPhone 5? I was. The phone as a piece of hardware is sleek and snappy. However, you may have noticed that the Push Notifications no longer work on a regular basis. As someone who sort of relies on email for work, it’s more than a little frustrating. Plus, I look like a douche pulling out … Continue reading

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Working on a Test Site Running an API

So I’m currently running an experiment on a student job site called  Initially the site had only been a place where we had a few articles and then a search box that led off to another job board site.  We implemented a job board API, kept the articles, redesigned the site and relaunched. At first I saw some positive … Continue reading

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iPhone Battery Draining Quickly and Feels Warm

This might be a tad off-topic but I was having some battery issues with my iPhone 4 recently. With a little research I was able to resolve my issues…for now. Here’s how I fixed  it. Adjust Time Zone Auto-Set The first thing we need to do is tell the iPhone to stop trying to determine what time zone we’re in … Continue reading

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Let’s do a little link research

I’m going to put this link right here. This is part of some research I’m conducting.  Just a little personal research about indexation through social media channels, along side another experiment about nofollow links.

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Using rel=”prev” and “next” and Canonical Tags for Pagination

I’ve been thinking a lot about pagination and how to navigate the rel=”next/prev” and canonical tags. I wrote a fairly detailed article about how I think rel=next, rel=prev and canonical tags should be implemented over on the Ironworks blog. I wanted to re-iterate some of the basic points that article attempts to address here in my own blog. Do not … Continue reading

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MyPad vs. Friendly

So I’m trying out MyPad as my Facebook client instead of Friendly for a while. Anyone out there have any preferences?

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Google+ Improvments: Hangouts

So I’ve been using Google+ for a couple days now and Hangouts are quickly becoming my favorite feature. However, there are a couple of ways Google could improve on it and I’ll be more than happy to share them with you…

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I’m on Google+ Now

Thanks to a kind co-worker, I’m now on Google+. You can add me/follow me at

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Site Redesign is Nearing Completion!

I’ve done most of the work getting the website looking all fresh and new. I’ll be adding more functionality on a regular basis to hopefully tighten a few things down. I know stuff looks a little janky right now…but I’m working on it.

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Keyword Segmenting in Google Analytics

Hi all! Here’s a quick video I did for I’m discussing how view your website’s success at attracting traffic for entire groups of keywords or phrases. Enjoy and please let me know if there are any topics you’d like to see me tackle in the future.

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