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Be The Search Engine

Often times the best way to diagnose an SEO-related problem with your site is view the site as a search engine would see it. Today I’m going give you a few tips that will help you do just that. Shall we? Step 1 – Download the Firefox browser, if you haven’t already I can’t begin to tell you all the … Continue reading

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Pubcon 2011 Monday

I’m gonna try to take event notes here and then expand later. Enjoy 8:24 – just finished stale bagel 8:29 – ok. So I’m in the Master Group Training, SEO Track. This is a big reason why I came. First slides I see in the booklet? Title and meta tags…uh oh. 8:40 – I am overdressed 8:54 – intro to … Continue reading

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On my way to #PubCon

I’m at RIC waiting for my flight to Austin and PubCon. I have very high hopes for this conference. After hearing how great it was last year from thos who attended, I’m pretty psyched…even though I’m gonna miss the wife and our doggies over these next four days. I’m gonna try to liveblog the experience by updating this blog from … Continue reading

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Infographic: Breaking Down Facebook and Twitter Users

The good folks at have put together an interesting graphical representation of Twitter and Facebook users. Here’s the link: Here’s the image:

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HTML5′s Semantic Markup and SEO

I believe it to be common knowledge that search engines would want to place a lower emphasis on links or content located in a repeating nav bar or especially a footer.  Greater emphasis is, and probably should be, placed on the more unique content and links found in the “body” of the page. Currently with HTML4, mark-up coders are working … Continue reading

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Facebook Shows Twitter Accounts In Feed

Ok, maybe I’m a little late to the game but I’ve never noticed this before: As you can see, there is a link to the actual Twitter account that updated the Facebook feed. Like I said, I never noticed it before until this morning. There could definitely be an argument to be made here for updating your Facebook pages with … Continue reading

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New Discussion Group at

As some of you know, I am the SEO Manager at Among other things, I try to engage in conversations regarding SEO and the multifamily industry. To that end, I have created an SEO-specific forum on It’s open to everyone. Join the group and let’s talk SEO! See you there!

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New iPhone Twitter App Results

This is the 2nd error message I got after trying to use the new Twitter App for the iPhone. The first error being a bad gateway. Awesome.

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WordPress Dashboard’s All Messed Up

Anyone else out there have the problem where your WordPress Dashboard doesn’t appear to be using and CSS and it just plain looks funky? I did. I just fixed it today (thank goodness). Here’s what I did. Upgrade to the latest version of WordPress Upgrade all of your Plugin that can be upgraded I also found some weird “Hello Dolly” … Continue reading

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My First Piece of Google Buzz Spam

Suck it Bryan indeed. I think I’m seeing a glimpse into the future of Google Buzz failure… Le’ts think about this for a second, shall we?  So now anyone can go into anyone’s Google Profile and “Buzz Bomb” (I’m coining that here first, folks) them with spam? I think this illustrates a considerable flaw in the design of this Social … Continue reading

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