iPhone 6 and iOS 6 Push Notifications Not Working  

Were you excited about the iPhone 5? I was. The phone as a piece of hardware is sleek and snappy. However, you may have noticed that the Push Notifications no longer work on a regular basis. As someone who sort of relies on email for work, it’s more than a little frustrating. Plus, I look like a douche pulling out my phone every 15┬áminutes┬áto check mail.

I’m on Verizon and have a black, 32GB iPhone 5

I’ve already tried a quite a few things:

  • toggling Airplane mode
  • turning off the LTE antenna
  • deleting/re-adding the mail accounts
  • resetting network connections

As anyone with any experience with this problem knows (and there are a lot of us), any relief these tactics provide are only temporary. I guess I’m writing this out of the sheer frustration that none of the tech blogs I normally follow have even mentioned this issue. I would have thought this would have been right in their wheelhouse.

It’s disheartening because I know that publicizing these sorts of bugs is sometimes the only way to get big companies to get going on a fix. I know it’s not a hardware issue. It’s software, it CAN be fixed. Please fix it soon!

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