Return to the Airwaves  

Ever fallen prey to the “physician, heal thyself” rut where you seem to work on so many other projects that you can’t ever seem to find time to get your own stuff up and running?

Well, that was pretty much all of 2009 for me. I think the last real post was sometime in March of ’09 or something. Yeesh!

In an effort to change to change all that in 2010, I’ve completely wiped out my old site and and currently in the process of back-filling all my old blog posts into WordPress here.

It’s actually terribly interesting (to me) to go back and look how my thoughts and opinions have changed since I last started blogging regularly. I use the word “terribly” since I don’t necessarily agree with everything I thought a year ago. So much changes so quickly in this industry. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so hard on some people (I said “maybe”), for example.

Well, there it is. The Mea Culpa to myself for letting this go for so long. Please pardon the generic WordPress theme for now. I’ll be trying to personalize stuff as much as possible over the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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