WordPress SEO again today  

One more piece of the puzzle (i really should compile all of these into one post but it’s been done so well here)…

Having “related links” at the end of an article is a good way to create interlinking to older content. It’s SEO goodness, people. And, of course, there’s a plug-in out there. I found one that’s absolutely super-duper. It’s at Contextual Related Links link.

This one’s as easy as pie to get up and running. You just need to tweak a couple of things.

1) As mentioned in their site, change the related.php function related() file to what they have in this file. (i tried pasting the code but the formatting got all janked and I didn’t have the patience to fix it. Use the link, please.)

2) Add the following php snippet to your single.php or other article file where you want the links to appear.

if(function_exists(‘related’)) related($post->ID);

If you don’t add this code, the links will only appear at the end of the comments section. You probably won’t want them there.

Thanks again, www.weblogtools.com!!! This was the easiest implementation I’ve had yet.

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