WordPress SEO cont… cont…  

Ok. So I tried using the ddsitemapgen and it blew up the posting rating system that one of the other guys had set up.

On to Plan B…

This guy had another idea. It involved installing the phpexec and the wp_Catgegory_post plugins. I won’t totally go into the rest of the steps. You can follow the “another idea” link. Why am I telling all this if someone else already had it worked out? Well, because it didn’t work for me.

I ended up installing the exec_php plugin, which has great documentation BTW. This one worked and you don’t need to put tags around everything.

Couple of IMPORTANT things to remember…
Don’t forget that you have to turn off the WYSIWIG and balanced tagging for your profile. If you don’t WordPress will, which is VERY irritating, keep changing your code and stripping out the php tags.

I just have a little more formatting to do and I’ll be ready to put up the new sitemap. Bye for now!

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