Skittles Fails The Sitelink Rainbow  

Do a search for “skittles” in Google using IE.

None of the sitelinks work. They all redirect in Firefox and Chrome.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

UPDATE: I did a little digging and it looks like their 404 page isn’t firing in IE. I used Tamper Data in FF and right after you click on one of the sitelinks it successfully launches

Then it eventually makes it’s way to

Using HTTPWatch in IE, you never get to the 404 page.

+ 0.000 0.376 1066 503 GET 302 Redirect to

+ 0.377 0.017 0 0 GET (Cache) text/html

0.395 1066 503 2 requests

My question is why is it going to the 404 at all? Why not just have the pages work? Is it a function of using Facebook to run everything?

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