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Impact of Rich Snippets on Traffic

On January 22nd, Google announced the inclusion of event-related information in their Rich Snippets. The protocol will be based off the hCalendar microformat and will look like this: Now, let’s consider another post that covers Rich Snippets as well as something called “Answer Highlighting” which looks like this: “Consider the example, [empire state height]. The first search result used to … Continue reading

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Matt Cutts On Links From Facebook and Twitter

Interesting video post from Google’s Matt Cutts. Watch first and then let’s discuss. Video source: How do you rate links from sites like Twitter and Facebook? Original Article: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2010/01/answering-your-december-grab-bag.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+blogspot/amDG+(Official+Google+Webmaster+Central+Blog) Points of interest: Links aren’t any different if they come from .gov or .edu. “It’s not like a link from an .edu autmatically carries more weight.” (1:58) Most links on Twitter … Continue reading

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Search Engines Get Canonical

Say goodbye to duplicate content, folks… Basically, all the search engines will let you suggest the preferred URL you’d like them to focus all the SEO juice on: To use Google’s example, all you put in the head tag is something like this: link rel=”canonical” href=”http://www.example.com/product.php?item=swedish-fish” That’s all there is to it, folks. Here are the links to the new … Continue reading

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Red Herrings in Google’s Web Crawl Report

Found this interesting today when going through a site’s Web Crawl error report in Google Webmaster Tools. I was looking at the 404s (not found) report and found a number of what looked to be partial URLs pointing at the site from hundreds of affiliate pages. Turns out that Google has tried to follow a URL it found in a … Continue reading

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Matt Cutts talks webspam

@onecaseman sent me this video of Google’s Matt Cutts talkin’ ’bout webspam. Check it out!

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In-Depth PageRank Article

A co-worker just sent me this link. I read through the article and it’s pretty interesting if you place a lot of value on Page Rank. “The Google PageRank Algorithm” It pretty interesting since he also includes a┬áPageRank Calculator. Check it out folks!

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Google SERP Personalization in Full Effect!

So I was doing a search for a┬áresponse I posted on this blog to a Search Engine Watch article. When I was logged in to my Google account in Chrome, my article was #1. When I was not logged in and using Firefox, I was #8. Just another example of how using SERP ranking as a success metric is becoming … Continue reading

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Google Labs Gets a Little Busy

Google labs has put up some interesting new tools/ideas for enhanced searching functionality… and stuff. Check it out here :http://www.google.com/experimental/index.html

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